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What Is Ol Jogi

Ol Jogi is a 58,000 acres (235 square km) private wildlife conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya. We focus on wildlife conservation by providing a safe habitat for indigenous and critically endangered species. We work closely with surrounding communities to assist them so they can derive support and benefits from our conservation work.

Ol Jogi

Who Is Ol Jogi

Behind Ol Jogi is a team of almost 300 passionate individuals, assisting us in a multitude of ways in order to allow us to deliver the best results possible within our mission.


Where is Ol Jogi

Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy is situated 225km north of Nairobi, in a malaria-free zone at about 6,000 feet of altitude on the Laikipia plateau near Mount Kenya.


Ol Jogi Vision

Ol Jogi aims to be a leading model for private conservation. We strive to set the highest standard of what can be achieved in today’s conservation efforts, relentlessly pioneering new systems and methods to help succeed in our goals.



Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy was established more than over 60 years ago in the location known for having the most diverse amount of large mammal species on the planet. In 1980, Ol Jogi became the second private rhino conservancy to be established in Kenya. This sparked a flow of significant efforts that have helped preserve the biodiversity of this unique landscape.

In 1986, Ol Jogi set up its Wildlife Rescue Centre to support the rescue of an increasing number of injured or orphaned animals being brought to the Conservancy for care.

In 1995, Ol Jogi opened a world-class Veterinary Clinic to enable efficient medical support to injured wildlife, as well as being able to conduct veterinary research to support our mission.

In 2005, Ol Jogi expanded its rhino sanctuary to the entire Conservancy and developed a unique fence enabling its rhinos to be protected within its boundary while allowing the free migration of all other species.


Ol Jogi Impact and Achivements

Today Ol Jogi represents an important safe haven and breeding ground for wildlife. We have a healthy population of over 100 rhinos within the conservancy. We also host the largest population of Grevy Zebra’s in the world and represent an important stronghold for several other endangered species.

With an impressive Wildlife Rescue Center and state of the art Veterinary Clinic that services the whole of the Laikipia region, Ol Jogi is able to support the rescue, recovery, and rehabilitation of local wildlife when needed.

Around this, we have developed a strong and lasting relationship with our neighboring communities who are able to benefit in a multitude of different ways from our presence and the work we carry out.

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