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How Your Donation Helps

Whilst we strive to make Ol Jogi as financially sustainable as possible, the scale of the challenges are such that we need your support. Be it with regard to our conservation efforts or the human stories behind them, there is always more that should be done. With your help, we can deepen and broaden the reach of our conservation mission, making our successes more durable and secure for future generations.


How Are Donations Used

With your help, Ol Jogi supports a vast range of projects ranging from cutting edge and innovative conservation initiatives to helping our neighboring communities with water, health, women empowerment, land rehabilitation, and education projects. Due to the fact that Ol Jogi is a private operation, we ensure to have the most impact with every dollar spent.


How You Can Help

No matter how big or small, every bit of help will make a difference and we are most grateful for your support. You can make a financial contribution or get in touch with us to see how to support us with donations in kind. Thank you also for raising the awareness amongst your peers on the urgent and important conservation issues at stake.

Empowering Women
$10.00 USD Needed

Empowering Women

Ol Jogi supports women in local communities. With every 10 USD, you will enable a woman within our neighboring communities to benefit from family planning.

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Thermal Equipment
$2,855.00 USD Needed

Advanced Ranger Equipment

Almost all of Kenya’s rhino poaching incidences occur at night & our armed teams must be able to see in order to repel the enemy before they kill any rhinos.

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Wildlife Education Center
$12,000.00 USD Needed

Lecture Theater for Conservation Education Program

Currently our Wildlife Education Program hosts almost 10,000 Kenyan school children every year, where we share with them the importance of preserving nature.

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Elephant Excursion Zone
$25,000.00 USD Needed

Elephant Exclusion Zone

Historically Laikipia County did not have very many elephants.

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Borehole Water
$35,000.00 USD Needed

Water Borehole for our School

Ol Jogi has historically been reliant on water catchments, rivers, and boreholes for the provision of water to our community and our wildlife.

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Land Cruiser
$50,000.00 USD Needed

Toyota Landcruiser for Rhino monitoring and security

Protecting such a large expanse of land against rhino poaching is a continuous challenge.

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Make A Donation

Thank you for filling the form below. In the United States, Ol Jogi has a 501c3 Charitable Foundation which enables you to claim tax deductions on your donations. We will be sending you a receipt for your donation, as well as regular feedback and reports regarding the project you are supporting. A big thank you from the entire Ol Jogi Family for your help and trust!

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