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Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy was created over 40 years ago, with the aim of preserving natural habitats and their wildlife in a responsible manner. With this goal in mind, Ol Jogi has developed a multi-faceted approach to conservation, which encompasses preserving critically endangered species and providing them with the best medical support possible, restoring degraded natural habitats, providing a much-needed education platform to share the importance of our work, and working closely with our neighboring communities so they can perceive a direct benefit from wildlife and natural landscapes.


Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is at the core of Ol Jogi’s mission. The landscape in which Ol Jogi is located is known for having the largest diversity of big mammals on the planet. Ol Jogi represents an important breeding ground for some of the most critically endangered species. Our aim is to protect wild species and their habitats in order to prevent further extinction.

Wildlife Conservation

Vet Clinic & Wildlife Rescue

In 1986, Ol Jogi developed a Wildlife Rescue Center to care for wildlife that has been orphaned or injured as a direct result of human activity. In order to maintain a sustainable facility, Ol Jogi was one of the pioneers in rehabilitating and releasing wildlife orphans. We now take in wildlife orphans with the primary goal of one day responsibly releasing them back to their natural environment.

To support this, in 1995 Ol Jogi developed a state-of-the-art wildlife Veterinary Clinic in order to give the animals the best chance of survival and subsequent release.

Veterinary Clinic and Rescue
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Wildlife Education Program

Kenya’s children hold the fate of their nation’s wildlife in their hands. In 1986, Ol Jogi initiated a Wildlife Education Program, which focuses on sharing the importance of preserving nature and wildlife. We focus on the science of conservation and emphasize the economic importance of sustainable wildlife conservation to the people of Kenya. To date, we have hosted more than 100,000 Kenyan school children, sharing with them the importance of wildlife and nature, and helping them understand the treasure they hold in their country.

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Ol Jogi’s landscape and surrounding region are constantly impacted by evolving circumstances, many of which are beyond our control, such as global climate change or invasive plant species. However, we are dynamic in our response and management and are consistently learning and investing in environmental research so that we can develop ecologically sustainable solutions that can support natural systems.

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