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When you book Ol Jogi, you reserve the entire 58,000-acre Wildlife Conservancy exclusively for yourselves. This gives you a level of privacy and freedom that has become very rare today. The entire profit generated from your stay is reinvested in our conservation efforts.



Ol Jogi’s core focus is preserving some of the most critically endangered species left in Africa. Our tourism is meant to support this meaningful work.

Ol Jogi is not a commercial lodge, it is a home that took decades to craft. The unique character of the buildings, the collection of fine artworks, the antique china and silverware, and the attention to detail set us apart from your regular offerings.

When you stay with us, you take over the entire home as well as the Conservancy itself. This translates into never seeing another tourist or minivan, and the freedom to do anything you want, when you want, and specifically how you want!

The most important aspect is that all profits generated from your stay are reinvested into our conservation efforts. This means that when you come to Ol Jogi, you are supporting some of the most meaningful wildlife conservation and community efforts happening today on the African continent.



Ol Jogi is situated in Laikipia, a region known for having the most diverse species of large mammals on the planet. The result of these is amazing wildlife viewing experiences.

The possible experiences are endless, and the only limitation is your imagination. If a specific activity is not on our included list, with advance notice we are able to organize anything you can dream of.



Ol Jogi’s home was built and crafted over many decades. It is a design masterpiece with a very unique style. We offer a total of eleven bedrooms located inside several cottages in proximity to each other.

Around the home are many common spaces, from a billiards and games room to a pool and spa, a tennis court, underground wildlife viewing tunnel, a wine cellar, and many other surprises to discover.

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During your stay, a team of chefs is fully dedicated to you. Apart from the various settings to have a great meal around the house, we create some magical venues in the middle of the wilderness. Our philosophy is to source the most organic produce from various local farmers and suppliers, and our own vegetable gardens.

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While the home is unique and extremely comfortable, the real treasure is having an entire conservancy to yourself, and a feeling of freedom that may only have been found decades ago before mass tourism took over the most beautiful locations of the planet.

You can expect to go much further into the depths of conservation knowledge while guided by experts in their field. And lastly, the fact of knowing that the funds you spend on your trip will be going to serve a very important cause will give you a great sense of satisfaction.

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