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Ol Jogi’s dining experience is highly personalized. We provide healthy, fresh, and homegrown ingredients to cater to your specific tastes and preferences.


Private Chef

During your stay, you will have a team of chefs at your disposal. They will be available to meet with you and discuss all aspects of our culinary offering.


Local Ingredients

Ol Jogi’s vegetable garden supplies our kitchen with a variety of fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients. We also support local farmers who ensure their products are natural and healthy.


Tailored Meals

All meals can be tailored to your specific wishes and dietary requirements. We also have a few special signature dishes to suggest, which we are sure you will love.


Dining Venues

There are many locations to enjoy a meal, whether around the house or in the bush. We guarantee that you will be constantly surprised with the magical venues that we will create for you.

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