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In 1986, Ol Jogi initiated a Wildlife Education Program which continues to educate Kenyan visitors in a far more dynamic and personal way than lectures in a schoolroom. To date, we have hosted more than 100,000 Kenyan school children, sharing with them the importance of preserving wildlife and nature. We focus on the science of conservation and emphasize the economic importance of sustainable wildlife conservation to the citizens of Kenya, current, and future. The aim of our facility is to evoke change and spark the desire to conserve wildlife instead of destroying it.


Our Education Program

The Wildlife Education Program is designed to inspire and educate the current Kenyan generation about conservation issues pertaining to wildlife and their ecosystems. On arrival to Ol Jogi Wildlife Rescue Centre schools, social groups and individuals are provided with a personal encounter with wildlife and educational tools for young learners. These opportunities encourage an emotional connection to the importance of biodiversity preservation and a clear understanding of how the environment, people, and wildlife are interconnected.



This program is designed for local communities, students (primary, secondary, university), nature clubs, and Kenyan residents. For schools to qualify they must apply for the program at least one month in advance. You will need to submit a letter from your learning institution. Students need to be under 23 years of age, and the group size should be at less 14 people if the student rate is to be applied.


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